[Bell Historians] Unmarked bell

David Bagley david at _dRAELDEL51ItklTXP2CXzHR1K0OJD71L6Wkg6HO2-TNqFTJWyAfowRTzGBghywPv9mXyTyMZgrF7V6dkIEL.yahoo.invalid
Fri Dec 14 17:24:13 GMT 2012

Although it looks like a John Rudhall bell, the date is too late for John 
Rudhall himself. Mears kept the foundry going for a while afterwards so it 
is probably a Thomas Mears of Gloucester bell.


I was just talking this over with David Bagley. We think it has the 
hallmarks of a John Rudhall bell. Around that time, Edward Cockey of frome 
was supplying bells by other founders and often used to chip off the makers 
names, claiming they were his own. He bought bells from Mears, Jefferies & 
Price and also the Aldbourne Foundry, so he seemed to spread his business 
around. This could well be a Rudhall/Cockey production.


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