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Taylors' records provide some information here:

Little Harrowden, Northants: Furnace book, 1970 - Not found (i.e. if the 
other bells were scrapped, Taylors didn't buy them); Old bells book only 
refers to the bell rehung and returned, 1970; File 609/8 - no sign of 
old bells sold for scrap, but diameters noted 28¼”, say 29½”, 32” and 
36”. By Watts 1624 and Eayre 1732 (2nd). Frame with three parallel pits 
and one (treble) transverse; Job book – March 1970, 1. Watts 1624 28½” 4-2-7


  * It was the treble that was rehung at Little Harrowden
  * The 1732 bell was by Eayre
  * The Little Harrowden third became the present fourth at Renhold
  * I'd also be keen to know what happened to the old 2nd and tenor

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