[Bell Historians] Little Harrowden

Stephen Stanford steve.h.stanford at 3vvyc0rR_y69VXWsD2xVPKXr2iIAoRQukz6WCxA1ZFpHQdBBSrXxV_pTGKnI0HyhdjAKvZNSXJu613VXuwO38S5unaZ5pwKN4wg.yahoo.invalid
Thu Dec 20 10:32:10 GMT 2012

The current 4th at Renhold is HW II 1624 so seems likely that came
from Little Harrowden. Unfortunately I have no information on the


On 20/12/2012, David Sloman <david at -GZb-ln9iVQXoUiHYgcM4JkgZ-zVcEqd-ZSv_c9_cL3d_QA-nXX8v-YZmIN3Ze7qZzT-4Q7BkU9U9r71z5IFBINfOrG1BUD_8EZ-.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> North records 4 bells at Little Harrowden, Northamptonshire 1,3 and tenor
> Hugh Watts 1624, the 2nd dated 1732.
> Apparently there is only one bell remaining(treble?), the 3rd is at Renhold?
> Does anybody know whether either of the other bells survives and who the
> founder of the second bell is please?
> DS


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