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Thu Dec 20 10:47:25 GMT 2012

On 20/12/2012 09:18, David Sloman wrote:
> North records 4 bells at Little Harrowden, Northamptonshire 1,3 and 
> tenor Hugh Watts 1624, the 2nd dated 1732.
> Apparently there is only one bell remaining(treble?), the 3rd is 
> at Renhold? Does anybody know whether either of the other bells 
> survives and who the founder of the second bell is please?
> DS
David, I have done a little digging in the J T records and come up with :-

The 2nd is/was 2' 5½" probably by Thomas Eayre of Kettering - Date 
confirmed as 1732.

The bells were lowered  between 8th & 13th September 1967 by local 
builders (C. Adams and Sons) with assistance from our Mr John P 
Fiddler.  At this point they were stored in the church.

 From other correspondence (March 1971) we know that Revd. G.H. Bradshaw 
rector at Wittering expressed an interest in the  bells but was advised 
that they were not very good and he should not pay for them if he were 
to receive them.

In July 1978 there were two bells on the ground floor of the church and 
the old treble of four hung in the recently built turret. At that time 
it was noted that the old tenor "may well be going to Hardwick."

Hope this helps a little.

M Semken
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