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Quite but this sounds good on the PC speakers 
which die below 90HZ, where as my Hi Fi speakers 
are flat down to 16HZ.
I suspect a lot of the hype about big bells is 
about the acoustics of the way they are 
Perhaps they should be installed above an open 
tower like the tubes of A Xylophone, to boost 
the lowest frequency and compensate for the 
falling off of the diurnal curve, rebalancing 
the sound, or the perception of it.
I must get down to pitch bending the a recording 
of a really good bell, down and down, and 
boosting the lowest note with a graphic 
I suspect the "simulation" of a HUGH bell over a 
resonator will be rather impressive!

(I have a development pair of IMF TLS80 
speakers, with the actual acoustic plots, so yes 
they really do work, they are nearly 4' high and 
2' square)

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I like the sound of this bell (Peter bell at 


Hopefully the Olympic bell will sound as 
impressive as this.

Listen right to the end!



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Harmonics are multiples some at octave intervals 
ABOVE the fundamental.
What is the predicted fundamental for this bell?

For comparison, a 64ft organ stop goes down to 
16 Hz which is audible,
although 13Hz is not.
I was present at a demonstration where a sound 
meter was switched on and
read 100dB although nothing was audible not even 
as a felt vibration, I
think that was 10Hz

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It may well not be tuned. According to Bill 
Hibbert, there is little
point in tuning bells of this size as most of 
the harmonics are too low
to be heard.

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Is there a machine anywhere big enough to tune
the thing?


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