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Mon Feb 6 19:01:19 GMT 2012

I concur with those who have opined that a 23-ton single bell does not need tuning.  After more than a century of modern production of well-tuned bells, it is now quite possible to produce a maiden bell with an excellent profile, so that tuning is only needed if it is required to harmonize with other bells.

As far as I know, the great bourdon of Riverside Church in New York City remains the largest tuned bell in the world.  At 20.5 short tons (18.6 Imperial tons or 18.3 metric tons), it is exceeded in weight by one Western-profile bell in North America, one in Japan, five in Europe and at least ten in Russia.  None of these are tuned, and I have not heard of any complaints about that fact.  All are either single bells or the basses of swinging peals (or of zvons) where precise harmony is scarcely relevant.

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