Jubilee bells in a box

Laura Dickerson lauradi at uDgOEM_ciDDF4gLrWGL-OnKCXtZt8jxpSHv59UIqzmXFfeD8etsknc5tcZYFXKrl8Vc98QI.yahoo.invalid
Thu Feb 9 23:10:07 GMT 2012

Dickon wrote:
 >>Finally, if I am allowed to speculate, I'd suggest that the bell 
would sound much better if it were inside some sort of box or belfry. It 
won't looks as impressive, but it would provide a decent resonating 
chamber. The same thought has occurred to me about the Royal Jubilee 
Bells - I bet there will be a noticable difference in the sound between 
the river installation and the Garlickhythe one.<<
    We were wondering about this at Old North, as we passed around the 
RW with the artist's vision of the barge.  It looks like the ringers 
*and* the bells will literally be in a glass box - what on earth will it 
sound like to the ringers?  Any guesses?
Laura Dickerson


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