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Fri Feb 10 02:14:24 GMT 2012

I spoke with the Olimpics Press office the other day, I hope to see a picture of the bell soon after it has cooled down 
from casting, I dont think they have planned that far ahead yet, 
but the Olimpic Stadium in Berlin still has its Olimpic Bells cast in 1935 & 1936, The Steel Monsters of German Olimpics,
So we will just weight & See.
Kevin Jones 

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At 15:08 09/02/2012, AALB wrote:

>And where is the final resting place for this bell going to be?

A news report in The Daily Telegraph suggested that it might
remain as a feature of the Olympic park in perpetuity.

Perhaps they could consider donating it to somewhere else with
room to keep it at ground level - Salisbury Cathedral maybe?

Or the National Memorial Arboretum?

Then again the old metal thieves are about; is this bell 'too big
to steal'?


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