Ebay Bells

keltektrustsecretary keltek at qX_uNZY8zspa6ajpfu_gJJHKlPEGYLSOCmbP4qNU1D2qIqqErfbjSG3j5W12-MwfYNDCcSyfXYMke4IO5o8K.yahoo.invalid
Wed Feb 15 14:06:56 GMT 2012

I have been in contact with the seller on behalf of the Keltek Trust as there are some bells of interest but we cannot agree on a reasonable selling price.
Some of the bells are familier; I saw some of them at the premises of H A Metals Ltd in Brierley Hill in 2006; the same bells again in private ownership at Queens Head, Oswestry in 2009 and over the last few months on ebay!


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