[Bell Historians] Ebay Bells

David Sloman david at iE4_SHI9EWwEn2zHT0-6T1VhZ9t5rAh21btyebEHumqVvPNl_RVRSmkzzPss91rz9-viyz2N3qXiMUH7mQVe4VxQ7KY1QnFV1X8M.yahoo.invalid
Wed Feb 15 15:06:56 GMT 2012

The ebay bell dated 1866 with angular canons looks as though it is the former treble of 12 from Ipswich St. Mary le Tower which I thought had been recast in the 1970's. It would be interesting to know the recent provenence of this bell if it did come from Ipswich.

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