Moseley St Mary - Steel Bells

Tim Jackson Tim at
Sun Jan 8 15:37:50 GMT 2012

DLC says
> Not so. Naylor, Vickers & Co / Vickers, Sons & Co cast rings of eight for

> Sheffield, S Marie (transferred to Moseley, replaced by Mears 8 1874)
> Randwick, Sydney, Australia (replaced by Taylor 8 2000)
> Hurst, Lancs (Scrapped c1960)
> Hastings S Clement (Replaced by Taylor 8 1965)
> Blackpool, Sacred Heart (Replaced by Mears 8)
> Edinburgh, S Giles (Chime, scrapped) 

> There are still rings of six, all ringable and in use at Chalford,
Maitland (Australia), amd Waddesdon, also unringable ones at Ingleton and
Cambridge (NZ), 5's at Thornborough, Toller Whelme and Willington (Co
Durham)(all ringable) plus the ringable 4 at Cann and the unringable one at

> Yes, it's time that the very unmelodious steel bells at Moseley made way
for a ring proportionate to the magnificent church.


There are also, of course, still several steel rings of three.  We currently
list six of these in Dove, including Staveley, Yorks where tonal analysis of
the recordings cast doubt on whether we had correctly identified which bell
was which.

Does anyone have any up-to-date info on the steel three at Caldecote,
Warwickshire - specifically whether they are hung for ringing, albeit on
"mangle" wheels?



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