Moseley St Mary - Steel Bells

fartwell2000 alanjbirney at
Sun Jan 8 16:53:38 GMT 2012

> There are also, of course, still several steel rings of three.  We currently
> list six of these in Dove, including Staveley, Yorks where tonal analysis of
> the recordings cast doubt on whether we had correctly identified which bell
> was which.
> Tim

I'd wondered why the Treble was listed on Dove as having a small wheel (and the Tenor), and the second as being normal.

I'd suggest the Treble has full circle fittings and the second and Tenor have the small wheels, not as shown on Dove-others who have been there can decide for themselves. Mr Aspland's excellent Ripon and Leeds site would seem to concour with what my own impressions were on two visits I've made there:

I'm sure that Andrew has made a personal visit, so maybe he may give his take on the situation.



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