[Bell Historians] Moseley Steel Bells

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As you point out there was a relationship with the shipbuilding side of
Vickers but the bells weren't cast there.

My personal feeling is that it's important to have some ringable steel bells
retained, but having rung on some elsewhere I think it would be unfair to
judge their musical qualities by the Moseley ones.  It's unlikely that
anyone would want to go to the expense of hanging the redundant ring from
Moseley for ringing, and I suspect the same applies to the bells currently
at Beamish (are they from Stainland?  I'm not sure).  It might be best to
concentrate on maintaining one or two steel rings in places with a
relatively dry climate.  In the north of England that means east of the
Pennines.  Perhaps those at Willington in Co. Durham would be good

Peter Rivet

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  In response to Peter Rivett:

  Vickers obviously had a shipyard - is there any relationship with Naylor &
Vickers?? I must dig out that DLC article again.

  The bells can't be listed by the local council (like buildings) but they
could be listed by the CCC.

  What are the terms of the faculty regaring their preservation, or are
there none?

  I met the ex curator of the Beamish museum the other day (in The Black
Bull, Frosterley). He told me that the steel bells stored there could be
made available if anyone could put them to good use. They are only at
Beamish because they didn't want to see them scrapped. I can't remember
where they came from.


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