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Tim Jackson asks about the steel three at Caldecote, Warwickshire. 


These bells are a swing chime - not a ring - and one of them has been unhung
since 1984. The bell in the church definitely has a chiming lever (not a
wheel) and I'm fairly sure that the other two do too. They're in a
three-tier wooden frame in a tiny turret. I laddered up and peered in
through the openings in the sides of the turret many years ago (1979), and
took some close-up photos through the recently-renewed iron covers to the
openings last year. The bells are by Naylor Vickers & Co 1858 (not 1868) and
according to one of the firm's catalogues the tenor is 21" diameter and 1.25
cwt. The bell in the church (18.5") seems to be the second of the three, but
I couldn't check for sure as neither of the two bells remaining in the
turret can be sounded.


Chris Pickford

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