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>From New Zealand I would like to make the following points

Sowerby bells at Beamish Museum in Durham -  last time I asked to see them I was informed that they were not available as they were in a building that was totally closed due to asbestos.
The bells were offered to Beamish from a scrapyard and Beamish were invited to collect the five bells. At collection three bells were found inside the largest three bells.

Willington in County Durham are perfectly ringable after major work done by David Town and since that work have been pealed twice.

Someone mentioned Stainland bells - I understood that they were in the open at a deer park somewhere although not confirmed.

Now lets come to the point. All the churches that ever had steel bells purchased them as part of the act of divine worship and wether individual ringers think that steel bells are disgusting  ( or not ) is not relevant.

So those Churches purchased steel bells that were cheaper than the standard bell metal equivalent may have regretted their decision.  Cambridge in New Zealand sent the first six that were delivered back to England to be exchanged for six in tune !!

Also as I understand it a lot of steel bell installations were squeezed into towers that were probably unsuited to the weight of bells, but that was probably a selling point as Churches were buying bigger bells for less money. 

So lets not knock steel bells too much - If I asked  for a list of out of tune bells from all over the world lots of ringers would nominate certain towers but as most ringers have probably not rung on steel bells they would mostly be standard bell metal.
The unfortunate thing is that for those towers nominated it would cause a lot of offence to those that rang them and the parishioners

regards Howard E. J. Smith - Newcastle Cathedral 




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I agree that we ought to retain a ringable set of steel bells somewhere so that future generations know what they sound like.  Whether these are appropriate for the job I am not so sure.  I remember ringing at Moseley one Sunday evening immediately after a visiting band had finished a quarter peal.  One of the ringers said that she had burst out laughing after hearing them in rounds!
Peter Rivet
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Surely a home where the bells cannot actually be rung would be the best   one for all concerned!!!


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The honest answer is that no-one knows yet.  Their fate will be     decided next week. They will not be destroyed, but there are alternatives,     all of which meet the requirements of the faculty.

The Trustees have worked extremely hard over a period of more than two     years to find a home for them. Many leads have proved fruitless. The homes     that are contenders are not locations where they can be actually rung.

Needless to say there are many who would like to see them retained. As     usual they always sound better the further you are from them - none of the     local ringers or parishioners share this desire. In this particular case,     owing to the fact that they are rust buckets, even the CBC feel there is no     merit in their retention. And as most will know only 7 are ringable and     those are declining fast.


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Richard       might like to enlighten  us all as to the fate of the steel       bells??

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>The last opportunity to ring the       steel bells at
>Moseley is on January 15th from 12:00 -14:00       prior
>to their removal the following day. There will be a
>£3       charge per person.
>The bells will be replaced with a ring       of 10
>weighing 18 and a half hundredweight. Seven bells
>will       be cast to G&J profiles to match 3 bells
>rescued from Greenock.       All the work will be
>undertaken by       Taylor's.
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