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Point taken...  but since when has Sheffield had a shipyard????  Naylor
Vickers had a steelworks.

So far as listing is concerned, so long as St Mary's remains in use as a
church it's covered by ecclesiastical exemption.  So what happens to the
bells is up to the Birmingham Anglican Diocese, not Birmingham City Council.


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  This is what i Said,

  If Moseley Bells are Scrapped we will loose a piece of industrial
  I know the bells sound like buckets, but that is there appeal & charm to
hear how bad they are.
  It is like watching a terrible TV programme, you may hate the film but you
still watch it.

  If These bells are Scrapped & not saved by for example The Black Country
  We will loose the Historic Eight Steel Bells cast at the Shipyard of
Naylor Vickers & Co.

  The only other are the set of eight steel bells at Lancaster U.S.A. hung
dead except the tenor,
  They are rung by a chimestand keyboard, Cast by Naylor Vickers & Co in
  with a Flat 7th cast by Lester & Pack in 1768, The Tenor is Hung for

  Is there a preservation order on the bells?
  like in a listed building?


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  I think what Kevin meant to say was that Lancaster will be the only octave
capable of being sounded as things stand, depending what happens to Moseley.

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  Lancaster are not hung for ringing.


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  Kevin Jones:

      This is a shame because these are the only remaining 8 steel bells in
the world hung for ringing that were
      cast by Vickers except for the eight steel bells at Lancaster, The
Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity
      in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. that are Chimestand Chimed.


    Not so. Naylor, Vickers & Co / Vickers, Sons & Co cast rings of eight

    Sheffield, S Marie (transferred to Moseley, replaced by Mears 8 1874)

    Randwick, Sydney, Australia (replaced by Taylor 8 2000)

    Hurst, Lancs (Scrapped c1960)

    Hastings S Clement (Replaced by Taylor 8 1965)

    Blackpool, Sacred Heart (Replaced by Mears 8)

    Edinburgh, S Giles (Chime, scrapped)

  So actually Kevin is right, this is the last remaining steel eight?


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