[Bell Historians] Rust.

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Its been around longer than that, I was introduced to in the 1960's
I would not use it in a tower, its always disappointed me, when used on cars, not being anything like as effective as thorough cleaning followed by hammertoe primer.
In a tower wax oil is useful.
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  Suitable for rusty bells and bell frames (and canal boats, too). Try JENOSEEL RUST STABILISING PRIMER. It has been protecting the World for over 35 years. It gives a unique 'active' 4-way protection. Based on an 'active' pigment, Jenoseel actually uses rust, converting it into an inert barrier all over the surface to be protected. Gives longest possible protection against rust.
  (But may not improve the tonal quality of a bell).

  I know it is good - I've used it.


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