[Bell Historians] Seages apparatus

Matt Dawson matt.dawson at _SLIFdQjfAS5R5qcbL1b5QLAW0N5IMV99KtLrYhL5Pv7vSOC4jkfZguk5D_DCvnKIVD8GZ2KzWzFdb6waQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 10 10:04:22 GMT 2012

On 5 January 2012 18:43, George Dawson <george at fRR_huG9KbOGuAjeMXOvza_9n8hf3e2pIb52DMLC3a15Tt2pf5NqxgebIyWP95miuEUvshTg-QkeK6TtUuYTKYebpK2lbZ4.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> Someone enquired about the ‘silent’ ringing apparatus.
> Could they contact me please.

If anyone fancies having a look at what's left of the Seage's
apparatus at St John on the Wall, Bristol, they'd be more than
welcome. The box in the ringing chamber containing the small bells is
annoyingly close to where the tenor ringer's head wants to go, and, as
much as I'd like to remove it, I don't want to have vandalised
something of historical value...!



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