[Bell Historians] Swiss bellfounders

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at ntR-sUV5rgMQ7o96oECy1DQM-h08Q6UU8TttGZH3kBIqOBQ48TFPOm8KfyKb7EgNF77brgPqNM56-JCmECdmAnpuS_TFYmGm7A.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 24 02:14:01 GMT 2012

Apologies - my last posting was intended for Jack (first time I've fallen
into the "reply" trap for a while!), although I'm very happy to share the
Australian bells list I attached with anyone who would find it of interest


Also "top posted" to the previous message - another sin. Sorry


Chris Pickford

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