[Bell Historians] Re: Thurlbear

Richard Smith richard at MBtaWj9YuaR2apFCcj3Lm7Xsqah_2vw0DJM7qxNg4N-lxwE85wWPkbkpwm_Hyr_f-6y56Z6JtgvVCZKMec54Yw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 24 17:25:18 GMT 2012

plainbobmajor at 24s6F4LTpCK5nak_S9qVTzXktIryWeMPbvyO_oNF_gEr0G9EKhxtpWWbAtmP1MIuktaL6YZr7edfiI-Rwgw.yahoo.invalid wrote:

> I always thought that the back 4 at Margaretting (now 5), 
> were quite an old peal.  Not by the same foundries though.

Pre-Reformation, but not all 15th century, assuming Dove is 
correct.  The treble and second of the four are shown as 
early 16th century.


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