Oldest Complete Ring (was Thurlbear)

Tim Jackson Tim at LT_M6qCw4a0jF44MkJl2JjJKCygO_Z2Ihce-BjNqVOME1GjiSZlq8hpRL7eQvSbv2LPJFnmAyJiMLLeXc2F53lc3CKrs9DIVtOZNLQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 24 20:13:20 GMT 2012

As Mike Chester switches from "oldest ring of 4" to "oldest complete ring"
mid-message then the following may be of interest, again based on
information from p-NBR:
 - Clapham, Sussex: Complete ring of three c1355.
 - Barlow, Cambs: Complete ring of three and frame c1440.



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