[Bell Historians] Re: Whaley Bridge Community of the King of Love Whaley Hall Derbyshire

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Mon Jul 16 17:05:58 BST 2012

I've done a bit of internet digging, and it looks as though the clock 
tower at Crewe (not Chester) was built in 1955. Demilition has been 
talked of since 2007 or earlier, but a photo taken in March this year 
shows it still standing.

No more information on the bells has surfaced - yet! They're probably 
not by Taylors, so (if they're 1955) more likely Mears or very late 
Gillett & Johnston. I did find a suggestion that there had been an 
earlier clock tower on a previous civic building, possibly 1875-6 - in 
which case the bells might be older. The Derby report posted by Mike 
Chester says the hour bell is 20-0-6 in E, the four quarter bells 1. G#, 
2. F#, 3. E and 4. B (i.e. the classic 1, 2, 3, 6 and 10 of 10 sequence)

Certainly keen to know more!

Chris Pickford
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