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> A photo of the Olympic Bell has found its way on to the internet. Hopefully we'll see more of it on Friday.
> http://english.kyodonews.jp/photos/assets/201207/0720018-thumbx300.jpg
> DrL

Whilst it is good to have such a thing at Olympics, At the end of the day, it is still not a British bell, i.e, not made in this Country.

LOCOG and the Company responsible for this bell have not done any UK founders (and there are three)any favours in getting this bell cast abroad: The eyes of the World are on the UK soon and it looks very poor indeed that though the contractors don't have the casting capacity for a bell of this size, they outsourced the casting of the bell overseas, knowing full well that one UK founder could have produced this for them.

LOCOG and the Contractors should be ashamed of themselves-they cannot be too bothered about UK jobs or the UK economy. Countries around the World may now be under the impression that the UK founders cannot cast any big bells, so why should they come to the UK for any big bells? If I lived abroad and wanted a big bell casting and found out that a UK company subcontracted a large casting out overseas, I would form an impression that UK companies may not be able to supply large castings, so I would shop elsewhere.

This Olympic bell thing is a complete shame-or don't UK jobs matter any more? The name on the bell doesn't matter, it should have been cast in the UK, even if it was a joint venture. This was a massive chance to promote UK bellfounding to the World, but instead, Holland has got the glory-what a complete farce.



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