[Bell Historians] Olympic Bell

Dickon Love dickon at vxYABlNw0pVmdcaBMk55O8AjKt8PCNx7352iK4jZghh11sCivMkQPCrUWJPfknZiZ7Rs92yxgG2VNg0.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 31 09:20:55 BST 2012

> When the stadium was empty the bell sounded wonderful,
> but when full of people the crowd soaked up the sound."

There is another factor I have recently learned.  The sound of the bell was
amplified for the stadium (along with pretty well everything else).  A total
of four microphones were fitted inside - two hung free and two fixed to the
waist of the bell.  These allowed sound levels to be increased to whatever
the Director wanted, but due to the long reverberation time, the amplifiers
were turned down soon after the bell was struck, which I guess would give
the impression of the sound dying away very quickly.

> So where has the bell gone?

I have it on good authority that it is somewhere in store in a warehouse in
Essex.  Whitechapel's involvement is over, and it is not clear what the
bell's owners plan to do with it.



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