[Bell Historians] Olympic Bell

John Harrison john at SatiPCwQ3OiTeJZrPUnLl-4N0QhRwD5xTHJrdbTBIuOQRCbVZsTtMBP8Gr55UueicLMIrdofY_n1vbb1OJOHbw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 31 09:52:26 BST 2012

> During testing a careful note was made of the time interval between
> pressing the button and the bell striking

Reminds me of a performance of Tchaikovski's 1812 Overture, using real
cannon, which had to be fired by real soldiers, at the command of a real
officer, on the other end of a military telephone to a musician at safe
range.  I watched the musician desperately giving his commands earlier and
earlier to try to prevent the shots being late.

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