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Tue Jul 31 15:52:25 BST 2012

> That would explain why the sound was so distorted and very short-lived in
> duration. The sound engineers did the bell no favours whatsoever.

So you invest thousands of pounds to produce an impressive, world-class
musical instrument, which despite quibbles over where it was cast we have
no reason to doubt was an excellent example of the founder's art, and
instead of designing the spectacle around it, letting it speak, and
generate what would no doubt have been a protracted and awe inspiring
reverberation, you treat it as just another feed into the electronic mixer,
and mutilate the sound in the process. What a travesty!

And then, after no more than 10 bongs, you consign it to a warehouse
somewhere, along with all the other props from the show!

Incredible isn't it!   


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