[Bell Historians] Peal details needed please

David Willis dcwillispiano at EXzh6cMmvkG1sGCe0OF1iHUvdIYg48MbWIaL7tLOXMH3A6y5DvHGPYP7Yv2wVddRnIlkvmryeN6wXjPEkd09Nw.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jun 8 19:39:04 BST 2012

According to the links through Dove, there has been only 1 peal at this (Northamptonshire) tower and that was non association.

Looking at Non Association peals for 1977 in PealBase, a user may click on the names until you find one that has rung at Grendon on 27 May 1977.

Helpfully, the first name found was Michael Allsop who only rang one peal and it was straightforward then to determin that the band was . .

Michael Allsop
Keith F Chambers
Jonathan Evans
James Hughes
George Pluckrose (c)

Leonard Trevor

It isn't possible to see band placing in PealBase .


Could some kind person with access to the RW for 1977 look up a peal
for me please? It was rung at Grendon on 27 May 1977 and was of Minor
(7m). I'm afraid I don't know the Association.


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