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Mon Jun 11 11:11:53 BST 2012

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>> Could the conductor or one of the band who rang the peals at Grendon and Ansley be prevailed upon to publish the performances in The Ringing World to provide a primary historical record?
>> Many thanks and best wishes, Tony
On 11 June 2012 10:44, Mike Chester
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> Most unlikely, as he died in about 1999.  Could Chris Pickford do this as he has the details, please?  Or send them to me and I will forward them
> Mike

If the Coventry Guild is like the Ely DA, they may accept them
retrospectively. There were a few very late handbell peals published
recently, and I found one at Leverington from 1948, which somehow was
not published. There were no peal fees at that time and I am not sure
if any were paid for the handbell peals, but the amount would not be
huge so could easilly be waived.
It just shows what can be discovered by being bored with doing
application forms one afternon and randomly browsing Guild Websites,
which is how I came across the peal wrongly attributed to Grendon



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