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Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at mrCk66blQhddsDWeDJwrugrhGZqoY3jtDKB7k4i0sNwQiAaiLf73O9-bffcdyw8peJsKnPd0bRA50BW1ft2eufjEpRXuih0.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jun 11 11:23:56 BST 2012

There's an "issue" as I understand it, about whether or not these peals 
can now be credited to the Coventry Guild. That was clearly the original 
intention, but Simon Rogers seemed to suggest that accepting them now 
would not be straightforward. Retrospective publication ("very, very 
late peals") would seem to be a possibility - especially as the 2012 
source can be given in the Felstead and Pealbase records.

I've already sent  the details (i.e. an amalgamation of what Simon had 
already sent plus the additional details from Keith Chambers and David 
Willis) to Pealbase and Felstead, but I rather feel that the Coventry 
Guild should deal with retrospective RW publication and other "official" 
recognition required. But here they are:

Ansley, Warwickshire, St.Lawrence
Fri. 25 August 1978, in 2hrs and 33 mins.
5040 Plain Bob Minor.
1. Caroline L. Jolly
2. Margaret Truelove
3. James Hughes
4. Keith Chambers
5. R. Duncan Lund
6. George Pluckrose (Conductor).
1st peal on the bells.
1st peal - 2

Grendon, Warwickshire, All Saints
Fri. 27 May 1977, in 2hrs and 40 mins.
5040 Minor (St Clements, Childwall, Double Oxford, Thelwall, Kent, 
Oxford and Plain Bob).
1. Michael Allsop
2. Keith F. Chambers
3. James Hughes
4. Leonard Trevor
5. Jonathan Evans
6. George Pluckrose (Conductor)
Rung for the Silver Jubilee.
First peal - 1

NB This shows 7 methods - but Keith's records indicate 8 methods - so 
that aspect remains unresolved

I wasn't being intentionally secretive when I sent my "this has now been 
resolved" message to the list. I simply wanted to prevent anyone else 
from spending further time on it. It does, of course, make sense for the 
content of off-list messages to be summarised for the list, so I hope 
that this now makes the results of the trail - initiated by Sue Marsden 
- clear for all

Chris Pickford
E-mail: c.j.pickford at mGgG0kPApNwTgQrWUr0d_2WdE0BlUYkPnDkvop0JWKr5v0xrC8ZznZarW8W-dABxnmeschJL4L6BjCD9Nqe92qY.yahoo.invalid or (interchangeably) 
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