Another peal detail needed please

Sue Marsden erincaters at
Fri Jun 15 20:23:40 BST 2012

Sorry, but I need details of another peal. Hopefull not a problematic
one this time. I would like full details of a peal rung at St James,
Stretham, Cambs, for the Ely DA, on June 12th 1952, Cambridge S Minoe
conducted by William Ridgman. I have tried the EDA Peal Sec and Gen
Sec but after 3 days neither have replied and I need them fairly
quickly. Oh for the computerised database which was started years ago
by one peal secretary but not completed by the previous postholder and
now seems to be dead-in-the-water.

Sue Marsden
PS if anyone has any pre 1958 EDA reports they don't want...........


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