[Bell Historians] Latin inscription

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Tue Jun 12 14:41:53 BST 2012

> There seems to be an error in the Latin: "salutate" should be "salute".
> Would anyone on this list like to comment?

Thanks to JEC for pointing this out.  The Latin was originally put together
by a Professor of Ancient Philosophy at Durham University, who was also a
contemporary of mine at Cambridge.  He then passed the wording by a Latinist
friend of his who is a fellow of Somerville College, Oxford.  This gave me
some comfort that the Latin was correct.  I have since gone back to my
Durham friend and he holds his hand up as having made a mistake.  He says "I
was thinking the word for health was 'salutas', but in fact it is salus.
Actually, 'salutate' exists as a word, but it means 'say hello!'. So I guess
I could just about save face by construing the whole thing to mean: 'I sing
for the health of Elizabeth (and hail her, everyone!)' But that's v.
strained. Easier to get someone to go up there & rechisel..."

It is unfortunate, and my confidence in the Latin was understandable.  I
shall just footnote this in 'the record'.



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