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Is it just my computer, but Internet Explorer stops working when I try to
get these!



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I think that you will find that Dr. Arthur Howard Nichols' `Christ Church
Bells' of 1904 was actually published as part of `The New England Historical
and Genealogical Register' (1904). The article starts on page 62 (or page 76
in the pdf.) This book is available on-line:


`There Was Life before The NAG' (J.M. Simpson 2000) is also now available
on-line :


A bit off topic but of interest, are the other two A H Nichols bell

Early Bells of Paul Revere (1904):


The Bells of Harvard College (1911):


There is more about Arthur Howard Nichols life by Jane Hutchinson here:


I hope this is of help to all.

Brian Meldon

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