[Bell Historians] Re: Re Old North Church, Boston

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at JKatfUUGcKMRltkkp2xs7okiLPhOOCjBDKEcIbf0XjToJDgzwBHwfS76ESk7nk5KiV5ztFBNvQsHszpP5XiqTQbHgP6fZw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jun 19 12:52:01 BST 2012

I use Firefox not Internet Explorer as it is faster and more secure.

Each `book' will take some time to download and you will need the latest Adobe Reader with the add-on viewer activated on your browser.

If you have problems right click on the link and select `save link as' then once it has downloaded to your PC open it from your PC using Adobe Reader.

You can also try these links:




The various formats of downloadable files are listed under the `All Files: HTTP' link in the left hand box. Or you can click on the `Read Online' link again in the left hand box. 

(The link to the Jane Hutchinson article is half way down the page.)

I hope this helps.

Brian Meldon


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