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Wed Jun 20 15:20:36 BST 2012

Richard wrote:
 >>Even though the tower pre-dated Cutler's return to Boston in
   The tower wasn't built until 1740.  The 1723 construction was the 
sanctuary.  Cutler was back by Christmastime 1723.
The Massachusetts historical society has the early paperwork about the 
bells  in their Old North (Christ Church) collection.
The folder (box?) with the church's  building records from 1729 - 1834 
has " papers relating to the installation of the church's bells, 
including correspondence with Abel Rudhall, bell-founder in Gloucester, 
England, regarding the strength of the church's steeple, the weight of 
the bells, their design, the mottos to be placed on the bells, and 
Rudhall's receipts. "
See http://www.masshist.org/findingaids/doc.cfm?fa=fa0290
   I could try to find out what one has to do to see the actual 
documents, if you think the text of the  letters would answer any of 
your questions.  I've emailed the education contact at Old North to see 
whether he knows of a connection with Governor Shute, but haven't heard 
back.  I have also emailed folks at Trinity NYC asking about the dates 
of the bells that are now hung as a chime.  They have been hung dead for 
a long time, but I don't know *how* long.
Laura Dickerson


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