Old North

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> Richard wrote:
>  >>Even though the tower pre-dated Cutler's return to Boston in
> 1723<<
>    The tower wasn't built until 1740.  The 1723 construction was the 
> sanctuary.  Cutler was back by Christmastime 1723.
> The Massachusetts historical society has the early paperwork about the 
> bells  in their Old North (Christ Church) collection.
> The folder (box?) with the church's  building records from 1729 - 1834 
> has " papers relating to the installation of the church's bells, 
> including correspondence with Abel Rudhall, bell-founder in Gloucester, 
> England, regarding the strength of the church's steeple, the weight of 
> the bells, their design, the mottos to be placed on the bells, and 
> Rudhall's receipts. "
> See http://www.masshist.org/findingaids/doc.cfm?fa=fa0290
>    I could try to find out what one has to do to see the actual 
> documents, if you think the text of the  letters would answer any of 
> your questions.  I've emailed the education contact at Old North to see 
> whether he knows of a connection with Governor Shute, but haven't heard 
> back.  I have also emailed folks at Trinity NYC asking about the dates 
> of the bells that are now hung as a chime.  They have been hung dead for 
> a long time, but I don't know *how* long.
> Laura Dickerson 

Hi Laura.
All the details of all the bells at Trinity New York are on the Online Dove.  But when they became a chime isn't.


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