[Bell Historians] Old North

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Just for the record the treble of the 1797 ring at HT was removed in March
1834 to the church of St Paul Manhattan, where it still resides (together
with an 1886 Meneely bell). So at least 1 bell of the 1845 bells was a
replacement, not a recast.




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Technically, the old bells were not actually "hung dead" until they were
placed in their present frame above the new ring of 12.  Before that, they
hung in their original ringing fittings, but were immobilized for chiming
purposes.  It seems likely that the immobilization occurred at least as long
ago as 1909, when the 10th bell was added; it might even have been as long
ago as 1849, when the 9th bell was added.  See
www.towerbells.org/data/NYNYTCTC.HTM for more details of this history.

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They have been hung dead for a long time, but I don't know *how* long.
Laura Dickerson

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