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Spelthorne is now officially a district in Surrey and I think that now 
all services including Police (which used to be the Met) are now 
provided by Surrey despite it being north of the river.

The meanderings of the Thames have also moved little bits of Spelthorne 
district south of the Thames and little bits of Runnymede borough (the 
Godley hundred thanks to Chertsey Abbey) north of the Thames. Just to 

Surrey County Council is still based at Kingston which of is of course 
in the Greater London Authority and not Surrey! There can't be many 
councils with Council Offices ouside the area they administer!


On 29/06/2012 10:34, James White wrote:
>> There is no county of Middlesex in Dove. All quarters published under 
>> this name are adjusted in my records accordingly including areas 
>> surrounding Gtr London and for other parts of the country. Both 
>> Newmarket towers are in Suffolk.
> Just because Dove gets it wrong it doesn't mean everyone else has to 
> although I admit that consistency between various records is good: 
> what happens for records back when Middlesex was recognised? 
>  Consistency in time would be more useful, I suggest.
> As to Staines, Ashford and some other towers being in Surrey, this is 
> just wrong.  They are in (the district of) Spelthorne, a "hundred" of 
> Middlesex.  That Surrey County Council has some responsibility for 
> services in the area is not relevant.
> Notwithstanding that, Fulham and Putney are in different "counties" by 
> any definition, and different Dioceses.  They are about a quarter of a 
> mile (or less) apart at either end of Putney Bridge.
> James White

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