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Fri Jun 29 12:20:51 BST 2012

Peter Whisker wrote (probably tongue in cheek):

> Maybe the MCALDG should be the "Northern and Western part of the Greater London Authority Association and London Diocesan Guild" then! ;-)

Like many people, Peter seems to think that Middlesex, the County, disappeared when the County Council (or whatever body) stopped having responsibility for the provision of services in the area.

The county exists with a (fairly) well defined area largely (but not completely) coterminous with the Diocese of London.  County boundary changes in various places (the Poyle area springs to mind) sometimes aligning with the M25 (on the Hertfordshire boundary) and exchanges (or possibly just one way traffic) of Parishes have clouded the matter, for sure.

It's clear, though, that Staines, being North of the Thames, is in Middlesex.

Middlesex lives on thanks to the MCC, the MCA&LDG and other bodies!

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