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Hello Alan,

I'm sorry to hear that you will not be producing any more books, but I completely understand the reasons why, and I'm not surprised, given the circumstances! I certainly very much appreciate the county surveys which you have made accessible in such an excellent format. Of the volumes listed, I now have all that I require, but I do hope that others take up your offer.

Best wishes,


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  Hello Everyone,
  As you may or may not know, I only sell my books through these lists, the Ringing World 
  and at the CCCBR meetings.  Church Green Books in Witney, Oxon, is the sole exception.
  Unfortunately Ellis Publications has to come to a close.  A combination of books now being
  available on the web or print-to-order, higher printing, binding and postage costs but most 
  of all the drop in the exchange rate between the UK and Canada have resulted in my 
  publications no longer being cost-effective.  Church Bells of Lancashire was my last book.
  The aim has always been to supply quality bound facsimile copies of rare and desirable
  books of interest to ringers at a reasonable cost.  As such, the books are priced to ensure 
  an excess of income over outlay and not to make a profit .  However, most of the excess 
  of income over outlay is sitting in my cupboard as inventory.  :-)

  Ordinarily, I do not give discounts but as I am coming to the UK at the end of the month,
  all being well, and as I do not have other books to bring,  I make the offer of bringing any 
  of the books to the UK, thereby saving purchasers the cost of the Canadian postage 
  normally included in the price of my books.   UK postage is still included. 

  The prices noted below includes the Canadian postal discount. 

  1        THE ART OF RINGING (THACKRAH - 1852)                                GBP25.00
  2        THE ART AND SCIENCE OF RINGING (BANISTER – 1874)          GBP25.00
  3        TINTINNALOGIA (DUCKWORTH - 1671)                                    GBP30.00
  4        CHURCH BELLS OF CORNWALL (DUNKIN - 1898)                     GBP30.00
  5        STEDMAN (DAVIES - 1903)                                                       GBP35.00
  7        TINTINNALOGIA (DUCKWORTH – 1668 & 1671 (pair)               GBP65.00
  8        CAMPANALOGIA IMPROVED (MONK 5th EDITION - 1766)       GBP35.00
  10      CHURCH BELLS OF OXFORDSHIRE (F. SHARPE)                        GBP45.00
  11      CHURCH BELLS OF SHROPSHIRE (H. B. WALTERS)                   GBP65.00
  12      CHURCH BELLS OF LANCASHIRE (F. H. CHEETHAM)                GBP85.00
  13      DE TINTINNABULIS (TRANSLATED BY DR. A. MARTIN)            GBP30.00       

   Payment may be made by cash, Sterling cheque or by bank-to-bank transfer.
  If anyone is interested, please let me know.
  Best wishes
  Alan Ellis
  Ellis Publishing   
  Surrey, B.C.

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