Gateshead, Co Dur, SMV

David Bryant davidbryant at
Fri Oct 26 01:11:14 BST 2012

Bell Historians"I have a note (RW p1007, 1983) that two bells were stolen, 
one cracked and six bells are in store. What happened next? The last quarter 
peal on them was in 1978 (see RW for 12 Jan 1979)."

Don't know about the bells, but the church has been restored as a heritage 
centre. I guess it must have originally been surrounded by streets, but it 
now stands in rather self-conscious isolation above the Tyne, next to the 
futuristic Sage.

It faces All Saints, Newcastle, across the river - another former church 
which used to have a ring of 8 bells.



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