Matthew East - early bell ringer

ronald7364 ronald.east at
Tue Sep 11 23:18:00 BST 2012

I am the secretary of the EAST Family History Society which exists to research the history and familial links of persons who bear this surname. 

I have recently discovered that an EAST must have been quite a famous ringer in his day. This was Matthew EAST who conducted the first ever peal of Cinques: Grandsire Cinques at St Bride Fleet Street in January 1724/25. I discovered he joined the College Youths in 1718 but that is all I know about him. I'm thinking that if he was able to ring and conduct (or even just "call the bobs" as it says!) he would have been a very competent ringer who must have rung in other peals. 

Does anyone have access to these early peals in which Matthew EAST would have rung? If I knew where he rang the peals it might give provide clues as to where he lived.

Ron East


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