[Bell Historians] Matthew East - early bell ringer

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Wed Sep 12 10:07:00 BST 2012

ronald7364 wrote:

> Does anyone have access to these early peals in which 
> Matthew EAST would have rung?

He rang in the following College Youth peals:

19 Jan 1724, 5600 Grandsire Cinques, St Bride's, Fleet St
   -- East rang the 11th and called it
15 Feb 1724, 5058 Grandsire Caters, St Magnus-the-Martyr
   -- East rang the tenor
17 Oct 1726, 5076 Grandsire Caters, St Martin-in-the-Fields
   -- East rang the ninth; for the consecration of the church
25 May [1727], 5040 [Grandsire] Caters, Gt St Mary, Cambridge
   -- East rang the tenor
21 Aug 1731, 5040 PB Triples, St Stephen, Coleman St
   -- East rang the tenor
14 Feb 1731, 7018 Grandsire Cinques, St Michael, Cornhill
   -- East and two others rang the tenor
15 Dec 1735, 8008 Grandsire Cinques, St Saviour, Southwark
   -- East and two others rang the tenor

Trollope, in his unpublished MS, says he only rang 7 peals, 
so evidently he was aware of none besides the ones I've 
listed above.  Unusually for Trollope, (so far as I can see) 
he gives no biographical details on East, presumably because 
he didn't know anything.  The peal in Cambridge was by a 
band mostly of Londoners, so you shouldn't infer a Cambridge 

I'd certainly be interested to hear more about East.



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