[Bell Historians] Can anyone help with a likely founder for this bell?

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at 1rZZsqDXC5nsgjI9fEYAMzhmG33eneKgzZR_pMj4qx78LDB8WiNA2fR5r_G8TPNvGXU_b0RwkTuYsDD1UlST80Xg6Ggajgf-.yahoo.invalid
Thu Sep 13 07:37:11 BST 2012

Not sure what KJ is suggesting, as his South American bell doesn't have 
a headstock!!

But the arrangement of single canons and argent isn't unique to anywhere 
- there are early and later English and continental bells of this type, 
and over here Warners and other C19 founders (bellfounders AND general 
brassfounders) used the system for their small bells

Returning to an earlier point, the fact that Peter's Norwich bell has 
crown numbers is significant - as it suggests a "production line" (i.e. 
someone who cast bells quite regularly and used numbers to indicate 
sizes) rather than a one-off. Warners certainly did that with their very 
small bells, though the numbers are usually incised rather than cast on

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