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The scallop shells (See Scott, Mack and Clarke /Towers & bells of Devon/ 
Vol.1 p.143 and pl.21) indicate that the 1762 bell is by one of the 
Penningtons, although it looks as though John Scott wasn't aware of it 
since the bell isn't in his list of Pennington bells (p.149)

Re stable bells generally, Ted is absolutely right - they're important 
and there are often (where they still survive) discoveries to be made. 
I've done fairly systematic surveys in Beds, Herefs, Warwicks and Worcs 
- and Christopher Dalton in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire especially. 
Not always easy to locate them or to arrange access though, since they 
are usually on private property. As National Trust bells Adviser, CD 
also found out about bells on most of their properties - work now being 
continued by George Dawson and myself

But a plea! If anyone does explore stable clock bells, please ALWAYS 
look at any associated clocks too. Many are linked historically, and so 
the names and dates from clocks are an important part of the evidence

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