[Bell Historians] Gillett & Johnston.

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Could it be the mysterious John Harris of St Albans, one of whose notebooks
is in Devizes Museum?

The dates certainly fit.  Is there any chance of sending me a copy of a page
so I can compare handwriting?


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I would think the author is almost certainly Fred Collins.
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		I am finalizing a transcribing from fiche, a hand written
notebook titled "Old Estimates and Details of Peals etc"  c1879 - 1907. The
original is held at Croydon. It is a notebook 16.5cm x 10cm containing
details of peals of bells at various locations, of their condition and work
proposed or undertaken by Gillett & Johnston. The only thing missing is
the author - the person who went around visiting towers and taking
measurements etc. 

It seems a shame not to give him credit. Does anyone have an idea as to who
he is?



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