[Bell Historians] Gillett & Johnston.

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Mon Sep 24 14:29:30 BST 2012

I've already replied offline to John Ketteringham to explain why I'm 
fairly sure this volume - which I have seen (in the G&J material now at 
Croydon Library archives) - has nothing to do with Ted Collins, as he 
suggested. Much the same also applies to Anne Willis's suggestion that 
it might be connected with John Harris, which seems most unlikely to me.

It's an original volume, in the G&J archive (from the Cope Allman 
takeover side)

Apart from the tuning books and press cuttings books, not much survives 
from the G&J archive - which must have included a lot of material like 
this at one time. This volume is really just a chance survivor - but it 
is an original "working record" of the firm for the period, and neither 
a trancript nor an external compilation. So, its the creation of an 
employee (or employees) of 1897-1907 - and nothing to do with Collins or 

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