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Thanks Nick - I forgot to say that the peal attempt was in 1958.

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  For some reason I am unable to view the photo originally sent to this list. 
  However members might be interested to know that I took part in an attempt 
  for a peal of Little Bob Major on the old eight at Southwell. They were 
  rung from a gallery with a wire mesh grill and the bellropes came down so 
  close to the grill that it was easy to catch ones knuckles on it. I rang 
  the treble and after well over three hours two ringers fluffed a dodge and 
  the conductor (Bert Rooke) stood it up. He insisted on an extremely high 
  standard of striking!

  There is a photo on the Bellringing Autobiography section of my website 

  John R Ketteringham MBE PhD from Lincoln in Lovely Lincolnshire

  It is the same picture, so it is definitely Southwell. I wonder why the 
  Heritage Images website clamis it as "Interior of a church bell tower, 
  Oxfordshire, c1860-c1922."

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