Eijsbouts Olympic Bell

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at dmVrEfib1tGvZ6hY1Vo_IPbQVbXIQQd63QhYFIDHbUxKKkurIiCosqQVEUSHNQRxcQcDEWAQ8Wje.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jan 2 23:47:19 GMT 2013

The annual Christmas & New Year greeting card from Royal Eijsbouts 
highlights 12 quite varied projects completed during 2012.  One item 
is this:

"London, United Kingdom - Acting as sub-contractor to the Whitechapel 
Bell Foundry Ltd., a very large bell was cast for the opening 
ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.  The bell, having a net 
weight of twenty-three tons, was accurately tuned (eleven partials, 
strike note B) making it the tallest harmonically tuned bell in the 

The accompanying photo shows the "bell ringer" holding the "bell 
rope", giving a visual impression of its size as many of us saw on TV.



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