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Mon Jan 21 22:40:49 GMT 2013

On 21/01/2013 22:27, Robert Lewis wrote:
> I see from news reports that the former Church of St. Helen, Eston,
> Teesside, which has a small tower, has been reconstructed at the
> Beamish folk museum.
> Anyone know anything about any bells (presumably a single one) in
> relation to this church - or plans to put anything back in the tower
> at Beamish? (Looks as though it might be capable of housing a light 
> ring!).
> The church (Grade II listed) seems to have had an interesting
> history, with medieval origins it served as a Parish Church till 1884
> when a larger church was built nearby. In 1889 it became a cemetery
> chapel, before being returned to parochial status in the early 1920s
> as the Church of Teesville, an early 20th century development, until
> a new church was built. The last parochial service was held in there
> on December 30th 1962. The church then resumed its earlier role as
> cemetery chapel, with the final funeral taking place in 1985. After
> that it was plundered, vandalised and totally burnt out, facing
> demolition before EH granted permission for the dismantling and later
> reconstruction at Beamish.
> See http://collections.beamish.org.uk/pages/estonchurch

I've no knowledge of this but your message brings to mind that I read 
somewhere recently of a bell or some bells removed from elsewhere being 
stored at Beamish. Am I imagining that? Perhaps bells and church could 
be brought together.

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