Canons Ashby

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Tue Jul 30 12:37:25 BST 2013

Church Bells of Northamptonshire says


S. Mary. i Bkll. 

In 1552 the Commissioners reported that "Cannons Assheby " 
possessed " iiij great bell(^ in the steple." 

If Bridges be correct the ring was afterwards increased to six " but 
the tower falling to ruin five of them were seized and sold in the time of 
the civil wars." The remaining bell inscribed " Sit Nomen Domini 
Benedictum '" was, at the time he wrote his History of the County,* 
lying useless in a corner of the chapel. That ancient bell has since 
disappeared, and the present single iron bell, measuring i2i inches in 
diameter, was hung in the year 1853. 



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